West Indies
Darren BritoTrinidad / Tobago
Darren Brito will be representing Karate for Christ and the Shinsei system for Trinidad / Tobago. Sensei Brito will be running a free, Christ centered class, in the true spirit of Karate for Christ. He can be reached at the address of: #31 Queen street Aranguez, Trinidad West Indies

West Indies
Christopher G. Francis
Trinidad Soke Francis runs the Black Hawk Martial Arts Academy International in Trinidad and is the founder of Kana-Jui-Jitsu-Ryu. He also runs martial arts programs for the schools system in Trinidad and is endorsed by the Ministry of Education (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago).
He will be coordinating activities for Karate for Christ in the Islands. Soke Francis may be reached at:1 Watts Street, Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies
West Indies
Karate for Christ International
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